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Now Open: Pivotal Big Data Center Of Excellence In Denver

Pivotal is expanding our partner support. With data and analytics becoming a key differentiator for successful businesses, enterprises and start-ups alike are increasingly building scale-out big data platforms. Pivotal is expanding our presence in Denver to increase the amount of hardware platforms we are certified with, helping to reduce risk and increase the time to value for our customers. Read more about this new capability and how to participate. Also, did we mention that we are hiring in Denver?

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Pivotal Girls Who Code Event Inspires Women To Work In IT

Since 2012, Pivotal has teamed up with Girls Who Code to encourage young women to pursue computer-related degrees and careers. In today’s world, too many young women are forgoing a career in computer science even though they showed high interest in science, technology, engineering, and math subjects.

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Siobhan McFeeney to Lead Pivotal’s Transformation Practice

Our customers achieve the greatest business outcome when they take on digital transformation—not just implementing software or delivering a project—but taking the learnings from a smaller, collaborative IT and business team then expanding the approach to become a true software and data-driven company. This week, we are announcing the leader of our transformation practice at Pivotal Labs. One the most influential women in Bay Area business, Siobhan McFeeney will be leading the group and helping our customers achieve a greater impact to their top and bottom line—all by optimizing their use of Pivotal solutions.

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Pivotal People—Mariann Micsinai the Job and Background of a Data Scientist

In this post, we get to know more about one of our senior data scientists, Mariann Micsinai. She is a great example of the type of people Pivotal likes to have on the team and is a modern big data wrangler who works in the trenches with subject matter experts and business line leaders alike. With a focus in financial services, her expertise crosses a number of areas and her interests, passions, and education bring the best of academia and real-world problem solving.

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Pivotal Opens Chicago Office

Announcing that the Pivotal Chicago office is now open! To celebrate Pivotal’s new accessibility for local businesses, Pivotal is offering members of the 1871 digital startup community access to Pivotal Tracker. The city is surrounded by start-ups and growth companies as well as a number of large Fortune 500 corporations, making it a great location for technology companies like Pivotal. We are looking for talented, Chicago-based team members to help us focus on agile development, design and product management practices, enterprise innovation, and mobile/web application development.

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Pivotal People—Gavin Sherry on Engineering PostgreSQL, Greenplum, HAWQ and More

In this post, we do a Q&A session with Pivotal's vice president of engineering for data, Gavin Sherry. Gavin has played a major role in developing a number of well-known data-centric products, including significant contributions to PostgreSQL. Before big data was common, he joined Greenplum to help build the massively parallel processing engine for analyzing petabytes of data. At Pivotal, he helped lead the development of HAWQ, creating a new era of data platforms with SQL on Hadoop. In this interview, he shares his history as well as his views on where the market is heading and how his products are being used to help companies become more data driven.

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Savoya – Dallas Startup Seeking Software Engineers

Based in Dallas, Savoya is currently building out their tech team from the ground up with the help of Pivotal Labs.

This is a great opportunity to join a thriving company. If you’re interested in the position please reach out …

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Pivotal People: Henry Saputra, the Engineer Behind Apache Hadoop, YARN and Spark on Cloud Foundry

In this article, Apache committer and Project Management Committee Member, Henry Saputra, shares why Pivotal is a great place to work, what is going on with open source, big data, and PaaS, and how the Cloud Foundry and Hadoop ecosystems are integrating from Pivotal’s perspective. He also gives a lot of insight on his experience, vision, and where software development is headed in the context of making Apache Hadoop® scale elastically on Cloud Foundry.

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This Month in Data Science

As we close out the first month of 2014, we've seen a plethora of data-driven innovations and breakthroughs during January. From cancer to climate research, social networking apps to viral sensations, January has been an exciting month for the field that demonstrates the promise and increasing prominence of data science.

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10 Skills of Effective Data Scientists

The field of data science is a relatively new one, with a growing handful of academic programs making early attempts at setting a rubric. As a result, its definition and the roles it encompasses remains up for debate. There are plenty of broad definitions, but the suite of skills at the disposal of successful practitioners is more oblique. Sure, data science involves statistical modeling and computer engineering, but what precisely does that entail?

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