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The Dawn Of The Golden Age Of Software

2016 was quite the year for technology. From the inside, it feels like we’ve collectively figured out how to get the boiler going, and for the past year have been fueling the fire and raising the pressure—picking up steam along the way and heading straight toward the golden age of software. This is a logical progression, as the substrate we use to build software now has actual substance, letting us focus on the real value here: the shower of exceptional user experiences that are pouring out of the cloud. This post takes a look at some of the most transformative innovations, and how they are taking off.

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046: Filling The Developer Skills Gap—Abby Kearns & James Governor

In this episode, we dig into a recent survey by the Cloud Foundry Foundation on developer skills gaps, and how IT departments needs to rethink their approach to training and hiring. To do so, we invited Abby Kearns and James Governor. Abby is the Executive Director of the Cloud Foundry Foundation who did the survey. James is one of the founders of the analyst firm RedMonk.

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Be Like The Cloud-Natives: Use DataStax For High-Performing Databases

Modern application architectures require a new approach to data. Modern apps need databases that get deployed through automation, prioritize availability and fault tolerance, and deliver low-latency performance. To solve this, Pivotal customers asked for integration between Pivotal Cloud Foundry and DataStax Enterprise (DSE), so we partnered together earlier this year. In the summary from DataStax, learn about the latest ways that Pivotal customers can be just like the cloud-natives.

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045: Cloud Native At Home Depot, With Tony McCulley

Home Depot has been using Pivotal Cloud Foundry and developing in the Pivotal way for over a year now. Thus far, they have roughly 150 applications running in Pivotal Cloud Foundry across all parts of their business. While at Gartner's Application Strategies & Solutions Summit, we talk with Tony McCulley about Home Depot's journey putting cloud-native thinking and technologies in place.

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044: Checking In With The Analysts At #GartnerAPPS, With Rita

How are analysts reckoning with "cloud-native"? Pivotal’s analyst relations lead, Rita Manachi joins to talk about what industry analysts do, and then jump into how analysts are thinking about Pivotal now. There's several new reports out that are good reads for the Pivotal-minded. Also: updates on re:Invent, another Netflix OSS project “Hollow”, RabbitMQ, and Spring Boot Actuator.

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042: The Alignment Anti-pattern, Improving Developer Skills

Companies that want to get better at software are staffing and organizing themselves in new ways. The traditional "silos" approach clusters teams together into functional groups, whereas modern approaches cluster around product. We cover skills by looking at a recent Cloud Foundry Foundation survey on developer skills and then discuss some sections of Coté's upcoming cloud native journey booklet related to team composition and outsourcing.

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How Automakers And The Internet Of Things Are Colliding To Save Lives

This article demonstrates how the Pivotal Data Science team helped a major German car manufacturer build a scalable Internet-of-things (IoT) platform with the help of Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF). This post is a summary of a talk recently delivered at Cloud Foundry Summit Europe 2016.

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Episode 036

Building a high performance organization requires more than just putting good technologies and practices in place for developing and delivering product, it requires the right culture as well. In large organizations, this often means changing the culture. At the heart of that is people, so it's natural that Human Resources will get involved, hopefully sooner rather than later. To discuss these topics, we bring back Joe Militello for the second time to discuss how Pivotal thinks through HR and the consultative work our team has been doing on these topics.

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Cloud Foundry: Brazen Opinions And Easy Extensions

The Cloud Foundry community often proudly proclaims a key part of its current success and future lies in the fact that it is an opinionated platform. But what is an “opinionated” platform? The existential questions of how to deploy to the platform and run apps on the platform are answered in a specific, if not rigid, way to boost productivity. This post discusses the benefits of operating with an opinionated platform.

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Episode 033

No matter how fresh and new your company is, dealing with "legacy" applications is inevitable. The nature of those legacy apps and services are varied: mainframes, ESBs, batch job, and plain old J2EE and .Net apps. If you find yourself unable to make changes quickly enough without the fear of it all blowing up in your face, you're probably dealing with legacy. This week, Pivotal's Rohit Kelapure talks with us about the type of analysis and, then, types patterns he and his team use to "break up the monolith."

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