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Disruptive Data Science – Transforming Your Company into a Data Science-Driven Enterprise

Big Data is the latest technology wave impacting C-Level executives across all areas of business, but amid the hype, there remains confusion about what it all means. The name emphasizes the exponential growth of data volumes worldwide (collectively, 5 Exabytes/ day in the latest estimate I saw from IDC), but more nuanced definitions of Big Data incorporate the following key tenets: diversification, low latency, and ubiquity. In the current developmental-phase of Big Data, CIOs are investing in platforms to "manage” Big Data. But there is an emerging realization across public and private sectors that there must be more to “Big Data” than just data and platform.

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Transparency, Clarity, and Focus: How Pivotal Tracker Enables Agile Collaboration

An easel. A marker. Sometimes the most effective and immediate way to capture thoughts and collaborate is also the most tactile, visual, and simple. But easels and markers have their limitations: information is difficult to digitally preserve, and they don’t scale to large teams. In 2005, agile software development and consulting company Pivotal Labs faced this very design and collaboration challenge in its client development projects, and began building a software tool that could match the wide-frame scope and immediacy of tracking a project’s progress using markers and an easel.

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“More Hands Than Our Own”: Greenplum’s Logan Lee on Opening Chorus

Data science is a team sport that thrives upon collaboration, quick iteration, and a healthy amount of collegial competitiveness. These characteristics also drive development in the open source software community. So it’s fitting that Greenplum announced the release of Chorus, its social platform for collaboration on predictive analytics projects, as an open source project last week at the Strata Conference in New York City. The OpenChorus project aims to develop a platform for collaborative data science with Greenplum customers, data science practitioners, open source developers, and a variety of like-minded partners, while facilitating an open dialogue about the future of predictive analytics.

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OpenChorus and Greenplum's Kaggle Partnership in the News

This week’s announcement that Greenplum is open-sourcing its collaborative data science platform Chorus and partnering with Kaggle to connect OpenChorus users with the data scientist elite has generated lots of press. Announced at this week’s O’Reilly Strata conference in New York City, OpenChorus and the Kaggle partnership will enable customers, partners, developers, and data scientists to collaboratively realize the predictive potential of Big Data. Here’s a roundup of some of the responses this week in media outlets including The New York Times and GigaOm.

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Delve Into the Deep Blue Sea of Oceanic Data with Marinexplore

You probably learned in grade school that most of the Earth is covered in water; the ocean alone covers 71% of the planet's surface. The ocean contains fathoms of data, and with over 90% of it still to be explored, its processing and analysis is the very model of a Big Data problem. Marinexplore is a new open data collaboration platform and community containing 463,447,500 oceanographic measurements collected from 23,422 sensors.

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Tracker Ecosystem: Meta collaboration tools

Is it a sign of the times that the cloud-based tools that allow us to work together better now need a tool of their own to work together better? A meta betta togetha tool in other words.

Sounds ironic, but it’s a fact that we struggle to manage the multiple communication streams we’re connected to - we’re running out of sandbags to contain the overflow.

For those of you that have Pivotal Tracker as one of your streams, we have many friends in the community that are seeking to help folks stay on top of and act upon all that valuable info in these multiple streams. One pond that all your streams feed into if you will. Not wishing to play favorites, here are some of our more recent partners in alphabetical order.

Try them out and please tell us what you think.

300 Miligrams all your business information from various cloud services together in one place.

BusyFlow A workspace that makes your web-based productivity and collaboration apps work together.

Clutch All your project updates in one beautiful feed, and works with many popular project management systems.

Flowdock is a collaboration web app for technical teams.

Hojoki lets all your cloud apps work as one.

Teambox Joining social collaboration tools with online project management.

Traction Stream Listen to your applications and streams – curate and share what matters.

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