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SAP HANA Service Broker Contributed to the Cloud Foundry Incubator

Service brokers are what make this provisioning and binding happen with ease, and today we are delighted to report that Cloud Foundry partner, SAP, has open sourced a new Cloud Foundry service broker for their SAP HANA database. To round out a very compelling three-way partnership, Swisscom have deployed SAP HANA DB, Cloud Foundry and the new service broker to their infrastructure; Cloud Foundry brings the elastic runtime, SAP brings the service and Swisscom is the service provider – wholesome goodness! And finally, to exercise the service broker, Pivotal worked with another partner, Accenture, to migrate the Spring Trader (dare I say “legacy”?) application to this environment.

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Georgia Tech Hack for Good on Cloud Foundry

This last weekend I had the tremendous pleasure of spending it with the incredibly bright, creative and inventive students of Georgia Tech. The occasion was a “hack for good,” an intense 24 hour code-cutting marathon where the participants were challenged …

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“More Hands Than Our Own”: Greenplum’s Logan Lee on Opening Chorus

Data science is a team sport that thrives upon collaboration, quick iteration, and a healthy amount of collegial competitiveness. These characteristics also drive development in the open source software community. So it’s fitting that Greenplum announced the release of Chorus, its social platform for collaboration on predictive analytics projects, as an open source project last week at the Strata Conference in New York City. The OpenChorus project aims to develop a platform for collaborative data science with Greenplum customers, data science practitioners, open source developers, and a variety of like-minded partners, while facilitating an open dialogue about the future of predictive analytics.

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Ruby Summer of Code at Pivotal Labs

As you may have heard, this year there aren't any Ruby projects as part of this year's Google Summer of Code. The Ruby community's response to this is a pretty amazing validation of the awesomeness of us! We have created our own Ruby Summer of Code, and raised $100K in just 3 days to sponsor 20 students to work on Ruby open source projects. That's actually a lot more than Google would have sponsored anyway. And Pivotal Labs is one of the six full-project sponsors, woot! We're sponsoring $5K, the amount to cover one student's work full time for the whole summer.

We will no doubt have some pivots volunteering for mentor spots. If you want to volunteer to mentor, you need to apply by the end of this week (April 3rd).

Pivotal Labs is also going to be providing desk space for (a couple?) local students who want to come work in the office for the summer - they'll get to come to our daily standups, eat breakfast with us, attend our tech talks, play Pivot Pong, and just be part of the Pivotal experience. We hope there are some local students who participate in RSoC and that someone comes to hang out with us for the summer. It's also likely that some local students would get to do a report on their projects at the Golden Gate Ruby Conference in September.

Students can apply for spots during the period April 5th-23rd.

Thanks to everyone for stepping up and supporting this great response. This is the kind of thing that makes being a Ruby developer so gratifying, and so fun too.

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