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Getting Started With Domain Driven Design—Top 3 Concepts

Modern application design patterns like Domain-Driven Design (DDD) are successfully helping companies break down complexity while improving development productivity. DDD puts the focus on designing software that closely aligns with your business processes and evolves with changing business needs. This post covers the three most essential concepts that will be a required part of your basic knowledge as you peel back the layers and embrace Domain-Driven Design.

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Meet PCF Dev: Your Ticket To Running Cloud Foundry Locally

PCF Dev is a new Pivotal product that allows developers to run a nearly feature-complete Pivotal Cloud Foundry® installation locally in a single virtual machine. With PCF Dev, we aim to provide the full PCF experience locally, allowing you to iterate on your apps quickly in a production-like environment. PCF Dev includes condensed versions of the same production-grade components that comprise PCF, such as the Diego application scheduler.

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New Cloud Foundry Java Buildpack Improves Developer Diagnostic Tools

Over the last couple of months, the Cloud Foundry Java Experience team has improved a number of features for applications running in production. We've added support for Luna HSMs, an improved memory calculator, support for the Dynatrace and Introscope APM providers, and made many other minor improvements. Now a number of additional developer-focused improvements can be found in the latest Cloud Foundry Java Buildpack release.

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Enterprise-Grade Single Sign-On For Pivotal Cloud Foundry Applications

We are pleased to announce the general availability of the Pivotal Single Sign-On service for Pivotal Cloud Foundry. This service allows applications running on Pivotal Cloud Foundry to integrate with enterprise identity providers for authentication and SSO with extraordinary simplicity.

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Build Newsletter: CEOs, OSS, SDKs, Java, Photon, IoT—Sept 2015

This month's Build newsletter has no shortage of the latest insights, trends, and happenings in Pivotal-related industries. Pivotal has changed CEOs. There’s big news about devkits and programming languages. We cover the latest info, coming out of VMworld and SpringOne 2GX, about Pivotal Cloud Foundry, and Project Photon, and we do a fly-by on mobile and IoT.

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Come Find Us at VMworld 2015: Aug 30-Sept 3, San Francisco

VMworld 2015 is just around the corner, and Pivotal will be there, talking to customers and partners, chatting about topics like Cloud Native applications and DevOps. There will be eight sessions where Pivotal is presenting, and we are available via many other channels. This post covers all the places you can catch up with us and check out our sessions.

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Pivotal Labs Competes to Hack for Good at PayPal Battlehack 2014

Battlehack is a competition hosted by PayPal which invites teams of one to four hackers to build “the Ultimate Hack for Good” within 24 hours. The goal is to create software or hardware incorporating the company’s products which make your community or the world a better place. The event takes place in two rounds: a series of qualifiers in multiple cities around the world, and then the world finals in San Jose in the fall. Team Pivotal Labs took part in Battlehack 2014, winning the Toronto qualifying round and finishing in second place at the World Finals.

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3 Killer Ways To Up Your Mobile Game in 2015

Mobile application development is hitting a tipping point in 2015, and most companies are planning on stepping up their development investment in the area by at least 36% next year. But spending more on mobile app development isn’t enough—the approach must be smarter. Teams tasked with building or evolving a company’s mobile app strategy should heed tips and best practices like those in Pivotal's infographic, covered in this post along with the top three ways to up your mobile game.

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Running Elasticsearch and Kibana Using Go on Pivotal Web Services for Less than $1 per mo

Elasticsearch has become one of the most successful open source search engines in the world. You can now use Elasticsearch with Kibana on your Go applications running on Pivotal Web Services for as little as 80 cents a month! Read more from Long Nguyen, Software Engineer at Stark & Wayne.

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How to use Analytics.js to fix your analytics code and achieve metrics nirvana

There are so many great analytics tools out there that it’s often hard to know what to use. What’s more, each one comes with its own flavor of JavaScript API that’s slightly different from all the rest, meaning each new …

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