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Playing with Ember.js and Devise

I have been playing with Ember in and out since the beginning of 2012, you may have seen my two (obsolete?) libraries ember-facebook and ember-formbuilder. I wrote them out of real needs I had on projects back then.

I was …

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Facebook and GooglePlus Javascript SDK sign in with Devise + RoR

Recently I added a modal sign in and sign up dialog to a Rails application that allowed for sign in using Facebook or Google as well as via email. This dialog can appear any time a user attempts to perform …

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Standup 1/21/2011: Rubymine helpful hint of the day

Ask for Help

"What do you recommend for Devise user invitations?"

Interesting Things

  • Did you know that Rubymine can search files found with a previous search? Do cmd-shift-f and do a search. Do cmd-shift-f again. In the dialog, select 'custom'. In the drop down list is 'Files in Previous Search Result'
  • Former Pivot Alex Chaffee is teaching a javascript class, and there are still a few openings.

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Standup 1/20/2011: Admin flag with Devise?

Ask for Help

"Any suggestions for analytics on iPad events?"

Questions like, how many times has this video been played or how many times has this object been tapped.

One suggestion was to hit a web server somewhere with some details and use splunk to analyze it.

"Any experience using a flag to indicate an administrator in Devise?"

Some indicated that this is difficult to do with Devise, and recommended against it. Someone else pointed out that the Device site actually includes this as an example.

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Standup 11/22/2010: How can a rails engine provide migrations?

Ask for help

  • We just upgraded one project from Devise 1.1 to Devise 1.2 and reported "many problems which blew up all sorts of stuff". It was bad enough we had to rollback. Are there others with failure or success stories for this upgrade?
  • Can you rate limit EC2 nodes using an Elastic Load Balancer? We'd like to cap the amount of traffic that can be sent to an app instance. I'm thinking advanced use cases like this are probably why you run your own haproxy instead of using ELBs.
  • How are people running database migrations in their engine gems? I know rails 3.1 promises to bring this to the table, but is there a backport gem we can use?


  • iOS 4.2 is out! We're looking forward to trying it on the iPad (finally).

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Devise 1.1.3 gotcha…

In the continued saga that is the Rails 2.3.10 to Rails 3.0.1 upgrade, I found this little nugget want to add a custom action to a controller that inherits from a Devise controller. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

1) Create a custom controller that overrides some out of the box Devise actions as well as adds a new method.

class RegistrationsController < Devise::RegistrationsController
  def update
     # do something different here

  def deactivate_owner
    # deactivate code here

2) You have to tell Devise to use the new controller in routes.rb as well as add the new route to the new action.

devise_for :owners, :controllers => { :registrations => "registrations" } do
  post "deactivate_owner", :to => "registrations#deactivate_owner", :as => "deactivate_owner_registration"

When we initially implemented this, our route definition looked like this:

post "deactivate_owner", :to => "registrations#deactivate_owner", :as => "deactivate_owner_registration"
devise_for :owners, :controllers => { :registrations => "registrations" }

When it was implemented this way, we kept getting a AbstractController::ActionNotFound exception. Once we passed the block to devise_for seen in #2, everything worked fine.

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