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Point Of View Blog
Cloud Native On The Meetup Circuit

Starting Monday, November 30, the Cloud Foundry and Java Spring teams will be visiting Minneapolis, Columbus, Philadelphia, New York City and Washington, D.C.—wrapping up by December 17. If you want to learn more about DevOps, Docker, Cloud Foundry, Lattice, Cloud Native Java, Spring Boot & Spring Cloud, and NetflixOSS, then join us at any of the seven meetups.

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Cloud Native Continuous Delivery With Netflix Spinnaker

In this post, Greg Turnquist explains how Pivotal and Netflix are collaborating around Spinnaker, the Cloud Native continuous delivery platform just launched by Netflix. Additional Spinnaker details are provided, explaining goals, deployment approaches, its support for Cloud Foundry and other providers, architecture components, and processing steps.

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Pivotal Cloud Foundry 1.6 Now Available

Looking at the similarities for the most successful software companies, there are three development tenets they embrace to achieve true agility: microservices, continuous delivery and DevOps. The latest release of Pivotal Cloud FoundryⓇ (PCF) packages modern Cloud Native software development tools into a turnkey platform. With a new library of core microservices called Spring Cloud Services, expanded support for .NET and Docker deployments, and built-in CI/CD toolchain with support for Cloudbees Jenkins, GitLab, and Jfrog Artifactory, it’s never been easier for enterprise teams to convert to Cloud Native patterns for development, testing, and operations.

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On DevOps: A Cloud Native Government—What it Takes

This post provides a summary and an additional perspective of the recent FierceDevOps article published by Coté, one of Pivotal's leading DevOps thinkers. In it, he starts by pointing out several key statistics regarding the expected outcomes of DevOps in government and the reality of the challenges. A shining example of DevOps in .gov is provided along with an initial set of questions to begin asking government IT teams, getting them engaged in DevOps thinking. Lastly, Coté hits on several key “systems thinking” issues.

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Running Your Platform—Upgrade Much?

A common question for operations when considering running a platform for the first time is, what do you do to the platform when you are running all your apps on it? Be it for patches, upgrades, routine maintenance, or the ever-present security upgrades—how do you do this easily and without downtime? In this podcast, host Simon Elisha explains how Pivotal Cloud Foundry handles most of the heavy lifting for its users.

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Operations Has Plenty To Do In A Cloud Native Enterprise

In an age when the role of IT Operations is shifting faster than ever before, there's no end of jobs operations people can be doing. Fresh of many years being an operations person, Bridget Kromhout, now at Pivotal, talks with host Coté in this episode about the evolution of DevOps and operations. They discuss the opportunities operations people have in a Cloud Native world, moving to and from management, organization change management, being "promoted" to management, and, of course, USENET.

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Talking DevOps ROI with the Finance Department

In this week's podcast, Coté speaks with Ed Goodwin, a programmer friend who went and got an MBA and entered a whole new career in finance. He asks Ed to walk us through how you'd think about explaining the ROI for DevOps and, more broadly, how to work with finance people who are curious about new IT processes like DevOps and Cloud Native. He gives some excellent, pragmatic advice, proving that as always, it helps to just talk with people—even if they're from finance.

Read More A Valid SSL Certificate for Every IP Address enables developers to equip their servers with valid SSL certificates for free (albeit with an awkward hostname); this blog post discusses how the framework was created using BOSH

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Next-Gen Cloud Native Platform: VMware Photon + Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Today, Pivotal and VMware are announcing our intent to deliver Pivotal Cloud Foundry with the VMware Photon Platform as an integrated solution for Cloud Native Applications. The joint solution will represent a complete, turn-key Cloud Native platform for our customers. This post explains what the Photon Platform is, the significant value it adds and why it marks an important milestone in the evolution of cloud technology.

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That Cloud Native Lifestyle

In this episode, Andrew Clay Shafer is back for a discussion with Coté on what Cloud Native means. The pair discuss what they see as the full stack for "Cloud Native," including Cloud Native Application Frameworks, Cloud Native Runtime Platform, Cloud Native Operations and Cloud Native Empowered Culture.

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