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Episode Six

In this episode of Pivotal Insights, host Jeff Kelly speaks with Elisabeth Hendrickson, head of R&D for Pivotal's data portfolio, about how agile and DevOps might be applied to data analytics, what it would mean from a people and process perspective, and how data analytics technologies would need to evolve to support it.

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Episode Five

In this Pivotal Insights episode, host Jeff Kelly talks with Pivotal’s Jacque Istok, who runs Pivotal’s data engineering and data science field organization, about how to break down the wall between application developers and data professionals. The two also discuss the concept of balanced teams to support data analytics projects.

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Episode 032

Microservices are emerging as the defacto standard architectural pattern to afford agility into complex, distributed systems. In this podcast, hosts Cote and Richard Seroter discuss how the amount of rapidly moving parts are birthing a new class of needs for management and operations, how leaders like Netflix solved these problems, and review how Spring Cloud projects like Eureka, Hystrix and Spinnaker are taking these lessons learned and helping admins around the globe.

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Final Call—Parting Shots From SpringOne Platform

SpringOne Platform is the story of how a Spring development community recharged and catalyzed the enterprise, and found a partner to scale that value, through the Cloud Foundry community. As we close out the event today, Pivotal’s Stephen Casale recaps some powerful takeaways from keynote speakers Rob Mee and Adrian Cockroft, noteworthy tweets, blogs and even some books.

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Quiz Your Company: How Well Are You Setup To Develop Great Software?

Over the past half century or so, the art of developing software has elevated itself to a point where how well you develop software quite literally can make or break you in a market. At Pivotal, we developed this edu-taining quiz to test organizations on how fluent they are in modern development techniques, and even provided a handy list of resources to help you learn about areas you may not have embraced yet.

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Get Closure: Deploy Apps to Production in Seconds, Not Weeks

In this post, our own Richard Seroter, Senior Director of Product and 9-time Microsoft MVP, explains one of the most important reasons that virtually all software apps should run on Pivotal Cloud Foundry. If we look at six major issues facing continuous deployment, we can see how Cloud Foundry moves past them and helps us deploy apps in seconds instead of weeks. In other words, Cloud Foundry can help us get from “code complete” to “live in production” in a mere fraction of the time spent on traditional approaches. This is huge.

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Meet PCF Dev: Your Ticket To Running Cloud Foundry Locally

PCF Dev is a new Pivotal product that allows developers to run a nearly feature-complete Pivotal Cloud Foundry® installation locally in a single virtual machine. With PCF Dev, we aim to provide the full PCF experience locally, allowing you to iterate on your apps quickly in a production-like environment. PCF Dev includes condensed versions of the same production-grade components that comprise PCF, such as the Diego application scheduler.

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Cloud Foundry Now Supports VMware Photon Platform

Today, VMware and Pivotal share an important milestone in our promise to deliver a next generation, turnkey Cloud Native platform that will fundamentally transform how companies deliver and run custom enterprise software. We are announcing the availability of the open source Photon Platform Cloud Provider Interface (CPI) for Cloud Foundry’s BOSH, an API that is used to interact with an underlying IaaS to create and manage objects on an infrastructure, including images, VMs and disks. Simply put, now Cloud Foundry users have the ability to manage their application’s lifecycle on the lightweight VMware Photon IaaS.

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Cloud Native On The Meetup Circuit

Starting Monday, November 30, the Cloud Foundry and Java Spring teams will be visiting Minneapolis, Columbus, Philadelphia, New York City and Washington, D.C.—wrapping up by December 17. If you want to learn more about DevOps, Docker, Cloud Foundry, Lattice, Cloud Native Java, Spring Boot & Spring Cloud, and NetflixOSS, then join us at any of the seven meetups.

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Cloud Native Continuous Delivery With Netflix Spinnaker

In this post, Greg Turnquist explains how Pivotal and Netflix are collaborating around Spinnaker, the Cloud Native continuous delivery platform just launched by Netflix. Additional Spinnaker details are provided, explaining goals, deployment approaches, its support for Cloud Foundry and other providers, architecture components, and processing steps.

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