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Setting up a FreeBSD Server on Hetzner, Part 2: DNS Nameserver

[Editor’s note: This is the second post in a multi-part series covering the process of setting up a FreeBSD virtual server in the German Hetzner Cloud. The first blog post is here and reviews the base install and ssh configuration.]

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Making Printers and Common Resources Available to Separate Network Segments via Bonjour and DNS-SD


When we moved to a new office, we faced a problem: how do we give printer access to everyone even though we had segregated machines to different networks? And how do we make it transparent to the user?

The solution we found was to add a new VLAN (i.e. network segment) for the printers (and other common resources, e.g. license servers), and use DNS Service Discovery (dns-sd) and a handful of crafted records to our DNS server.

This blog post is directed at Operations staff at companies which have the following characteristics:

  • primarily use Apple workstations
  • have network-attached printers
  • use Bonjour for printer discovery
  • need to print from multiple VLANs

The Problem

The short version: people couldn't print from the WiFi network.

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