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Silicon Valley Mindset Shines In Boulder, Colorado

In 1891, a startup idea was born. The Quadricycle. It consisted of two bikes, lined up side by side, and powered by a gasoline engine. For over a decade, the founder of the Quadricycle iterated on it’s design, tirelessly committed to the idea that, one day, he would bring this “horseless carriage” to the masses. This kind of startup mentality still exists today in big companies such as Ford, who recently invested in Pivotal to help bring many of the Silicon Valley principles to the auto giant. The success of the recent Boulder Startup Week also underscores how pervasive this hunger to be able to deliver exceptional customer experiences at the speed that Silicon Valley giants move.

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Small Steps: Introducing Young Women to Technology Careers Early

With women in science, technology, engineering and math fields still hovering below 30%, Pivotal’s Keith Martin takes an important look at the root of the problem in child education and attracting more students toward STEM professions. In an effort to inspire more kids in the St, Louis area, Pivotal, together with Hack4Hope, will host a 1-day event on June 9 at the T-Rex technology incubator. This event will highlight the broad range of opportunities for careers in STEM fields, feature stories from women who have forged highly successful careers in technology, and provide networking training and hands-on workshops.

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Build Newsletter: SXSW Showcases Technology’s Impact On Culture

In this week’s Build Newsletter, we focus on all of the innovations coming out of South by Southwest, one of the world’s biggest stages for showcasing software and its incredible ability to reshape our culture. Starting off with Obama’s keynote perspective on the importance of embracing technology, we highlight some of the incredible innovations showcased at the event including apps that will feed the hungry, voice-based interactions that allow people silenced by ALS to communicate, and how big data and advanced analytics are making new waves in government.

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Community, Conferences, Unconferences, And SpringOne Platform

In this latest podcast, host Cote and Andrew Clay Shafer discuss some of the planning for the upcoming inaugural Platform SpringOne, an event that brings together the people, process and tools for delivering and operating software services. Platform SpringOne will be held August 1-4 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Hacking Apache Ambari for Open Data Platform Initiative

On Saturday, October 17th, Open Data Platform Initiative founding partners Hortonworks and Pivotal co-sponsored a HackFest for Apache Ambari. Participants were directed to use Apache Ambari’s extensible framework to write an Ambari Service or create customized Views to help understand, view, and manage cluster resources in a multi-tenant Apache Hadoop environment. Here’s some of the projects and ideas that resulted from the hackathon.

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Pivotal Demonstrates Cloud Native Apps at JavaOne Conference

During sessions and presentations, Pivotal will demonstrate its implementations of Cloud Native Java technologies at the JavaOne convention, taking place October 25-29 at Hilton Union Square in San Francisco. As an increasing number of enterprises migrate to a Cloud Native architecture, they seek guidance on how to best deploy and optimize Java apps on cloud platforms. Leading developers from Pivotal will be offering insight, best practices, and use cases during their presentations.

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6 Key Topics Discussed At September’s PostgreSQL Conference in China

Last Saturday, Pivotal hosted a "small" PostgreSQL Conference in Beijing. At least that is what we initially asked for: "a little Meetup, one or two speakers". Over 100 people showed up and discussed some pressing issues regarding the database market in China, including Postgres relationship with products like Pivotal Greenplum Database, MySQL and Apache Hadoop, as well as many of the open source community efforts across the broader community.

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Find Pivotal at Strata + Hadoop 2015, NYC

Strata + Hadoop world NYC is just around the corner. As a long time sponsor, we are looking forward to this event and networking with folks across the community. In this post, you can find out how to connect with us—booth demos, presentations, networking events, meetups, customer dinners, and more. And we have some big news is coming. So stay tuned!

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Our Top 10 Quotes From OSCON 2015

Last week’s annual O'Reilly Open Source Convention in Portland was a hotbed of discussion on cloud-native application development, engineering culture and open software collaboration. Topics ranged from technical innovations in container orchestration and microservices, to the economic and cultural changes behind recent record growth in open-source collaboration among organizations. Check out our 10 favorite quotes from the event.

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Pivotal at OSCON: Microservices, IoT, Spring Cloud, Graph Analysis & More

Come join us at OSCON to see some of the world’s best and brightest in open source. Visit us at booth #306 or come see talks by Pivotal on Microservices, Spring Cloud, Graph Analysis, In-Memory Databases, Internet of Things (IoT), Spring XD, Docker, Cloud Foundry, Lattice, Apache Giraph, and Spark GraphX.

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