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7 Ways Pivotal And Google Simplify Cloud-Native For The Enterprise

Pivotal Cloud Foundry is now generally available to run on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Now enterprises can build, deploy, and run cloud-native apps on the same infrastructure that powers Google Search, Google Maps and YouTube. PCF deployments can be enhanced and extended with Google’s data products (like BigQuery and the Cloud Machine Learning platform).

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Episode 036

Building a high performance organization requires more than just putting good technologies and practices in place for developing and delivering product, it requires the right culture as well. In large organizations, this often means changing the culture. At the heart of that is people, so it's natural that Human Resources will get involved, hopefully sooner rather than later. To discuss these topics, we bring back Joe Militello for the second time to discuss how Pivotal thinks through HR and the consultative work our team has been doing on these topics.

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Episode 031

This week, hosts Cote and Richard Seroter talk with Ronan Dunlop of Pivotal Tracker, Pivotal’s product management tool of choice. We discuss what Tracker's history, what it does, and most importantly the philosophy behind tracker. We also discuss some recent news about the Gartner IaaS Magic Quadrant, SQL Server support in the Google Cloud, and the wrap of SpringOne Platform, including just released videos of many of the talks.

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Build Newsletter: Apple, Google & VMware Heat Up Drive For Multi-Cloud

One of the biggest announcements coming out of Google Cloud Platform’s Next Conference last week was about Apple moving workloads from AWS, but there is much more to the story than the headline. The world of poly-cloud is making big moves from financial justifications to customer moves to product developments. We cover it in this week’s BUILD Newsletter.

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Apply By 3/25 For Google Summer Of Code 2016 With Pivotal And The ASF

The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) is one of the open source organizations for the Google Summer of Code 2016 (GSoC 2016) program. As a sponsor of the ASF, Pivotal is keen on supporting students looking to work in the complex and growing field of big data by developing features across a number of ASF Incubating projects that power up our data products including Apache Geode (incubating), Apache HAWQ (incubating) and Apache MADlib (incubating). For students around the world, it also offers an opportunity to pair and learn from Pivotal’s data engineers, as well as earn $5500! Deadline to apply is Friday, March 25, 2016.

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Build Newsletter: Cloud Is Killing It

The Build Newsletter is shorter and more focused this week. In it, we cover the latest news in the cloud native platform arena—from innovations and talent to vendor and analyst updates. This newsletter captures the latest, most important happenings in the space from Pivotal’s perspective.

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RabbitMQ Hits One Million Messages Per Second on Google Compute Engine

Google Cloud Platform can rapidly provision and scale virtual infrastructure on which to build web and enterprise applications. Recently, Google and Pivotal engineers collaborated on a performance study of RabbitMQ running on Google Compute Engine. The RabbitMQ message broker was deployed atop Google Compute Engine where it demonstrated the ability to receive and deliver more than one million messages per second (a sustained combined ingress/egress of over two million messages per second). The joint RabbitMQ on Google Compute Engine performance test demonstrates how one of the world’s most widely adopted, open source message brokers can sustain a combined ingress/egress of over two million messages per second—a volume comparatively greater than the combined set of all U.S. text, Apple iMessages, and WhatsApp messages per day. This post explains how Google is using RabbitMQ on their Google Compute Engine, the experiment used to prove this, and the results.

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Deploy and Update Your Google Compute Engine VMs Using Cloud Foundry BOSH

Do you want to to deploy a full Hadoop Cluster on Google Compute Engine in under 3 minutes? Would you like to achieve rolling updates to this cluster while preserving your data? Learn how Cloud Foundry BOSH on Google Compute Engine can do this and more.

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The History of Hadoop: From Small Starts to Big Data

Named after a toy elephant belonging to developer Doug Cutting’s son, over the past decade Hadoop has proven to be the little platform that could. From its humble beginnings as an open source search engine project created by Cutting and Mike Cafarella, Hadoop has evolved into a robust platform for Big Data storage and analysis. How did an open source project started by a moonlighting developer and a University of Washington grad student become ubiquitous in so many data-driven settings? In its new four-part series, GigaOm documents Hadoop’s history, its growth, and the promising future of the platform.

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Facebook and GooglePlus Javascript SDK sign in with Devise + RoR

Recently I added a modal sign in and sign up dialog to a Rails application that allowed for sign in using Facebook or Google as well as via email. This dialog can appear any time a user attempts to perform …

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