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Pivotal People—Andy Piper, Cloud Foundry Developer Advocate

This week, Cloud Foundry Developer Advocate, Andy Piper, is featured in our Pivotal people series. Learn more about Cloud Foundry from an insider’s view as well as Andy’s role in Community Engineering, responsibilities with developer advocacy, his journey to Pivotal, and more. Be sure to check out Andy speaking at SpringOneG2X Santa Clara, CA (September 9-12). He will be presenting “Building Spring Applications on Cloud Foundry.”

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iFrame you frame…

Helps undefined method `fields' for nil

We keep getting this error across multiple projects & machines, with different versions of the pg gem and the PostgreSQL server, with varying consistency. Switching the tests to sqlite seems to fix it.


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Installing Rails development stack on OS X Lion

I recently started working with OS X Lion at home and started researching the best way to get a Ruby on Rails environment up and running quickly.

After a little searching, I found a really well written article by Frederico Araujo over at

Fred's blog post walks you through step by step getting Homebrew, RVM, Ruby 1.9.2 and MySQL up and running.

It worked perfectly.

Thanks Fred!

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