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Standup 7/27/2009: Testing Partial Locals

Ask for Help

"What's the best way to test that a controller (a) renders a partial and (b) passes the partial the right locals?"

Mocking render_template and the locals ends up mocking too much of the request cycle. Ideally, we'd like something like:

response.should render_partial("item", :locals => {:item => assigns[:item]})

"Hpricot breaks with xml elements named param. Any suggestions?"

Works if we replace Hpricot with Nokogiri, so that may be the way to go.

Interesting Things

  • A follow up on the problems using Fixture Scenarios with Rails 2.3.2: The fixture are loading twice, although it's not clear why. The second run barfs with a syntax error. Perhaps the first run doesn't properly close the fixture file?
  • Raising the timeout fixed issues with S3 uploads over slow connections. It might also be more efficient. The timeout could stop a 90% complete upload, then kick off a retry (the gem has a 3 retry policy), which further clogs the tubes.

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Standup 12/8/2008

Old Version Woes

At standup today, it's been reported that Hpricot 0.6.161 doesn't work on our Windows VM sandbox setup, while the newest version: 0.6.164, is just peachy. So watch for this and perhaps get to upgradin'.

Likewise a bug in Rake 0.8.3 breaks our CI behavior, but is apparently solved in the 0.8.4 release candidate, a.k.a., which can be found on Jim Weirich's github.

So that's it for now. This is one of the hazards and boons of the world of fast-moving open-source projects. Bugs happen, as in all software, but they seem to be solved quickly, or else there's always room for you to dig in. So be aware and look out for the next version!

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