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p3p headers to play with IE to keep cookies

Another entry for memory's sake. In case you are running into problems with IE loosing cookies. You might have to set the psp response headers. See here for details.

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Standup 3/27/2009: Gem repo forked?

Interesting Things

  • IE doesn't allow you to change the type of an input. If you create an input with createElement, IE will not allow you to change that element to a button. This was discovered when a project's javascript dom builder code was modified to generate inputs of type=button rather than type=submit. The cross-browser solution was to create some other temporary dom element such as a div and then set the innerHtml of that element to a type=button input, then extract that child element and return it in the builder call. Yeah!

Ask for Help

"What's the best way to get gems for forked repos?"

There was quite a discussion on this. The specific issue is that the team is trying to use Compass (Chris Eppstein gave a talk on Compass at Pivotal on 3/18-look for the future video on our Talks Page.) For the moment, since compass depends on the edge version of sass you must first manually install sass before installing the compass gem.

  • One suggestion was to submit a fix for the gem. This is not a good solution in this case since the new version of sass/haml is expected to be released soon, fixing compass and simplifying its installation.
  • Pivotal will likely host its own internal gem server at some point to deal with issues like this.
  • The Has My Gem Built Yet? service might be useful in some situations, but not for this specific problem.

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