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Do we still love tablets?

This past week the Pivotal PM team engaged in a discussion about a blog post that claimed that our love affair with tablets was over.

It seems that many of us have tablets and use them in a variety of …

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Pivotal Tracker for iOS 1.6.1 fixes Romaji and other text input issues: 失礼しました。

We’ve just released version 1.6.1 of the Pivotal Tracker iOS app, which includes fixes for a number of text input problems.

Most importantly, it fixes Romaji input for Japanese users. While we don’t officially support non-English localizations, we try our …

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Greatly Refined Story Editing in Pivotal Tracker for iOS 1.6

Today we’ve released Pivotal Tracker for iOS 1.6 to the App Store. With this release we’ve thoroughly refined the app to make updating stories easier and more enjoyable. While there are all kinds of refinements, we think you’ll be most …

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Xactly Incent App for the iPad

Xactly’s app for the iPad is the mobile solution to keep a sales employees organized.

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New in Pivotal Tracker for iOS: Search, My Work, New iPhone Interface

Version 1.1 of the Pivotal Tracker for iOS app is now available in the iTunes App Store. This update adds the Search and My Work panels, a redesigned iPhone interface, and many overall usability improvements. All the details after the jump, below.

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Pivotal Tracker, now officially on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch!

We're excited to announce the release of Pivotal Tracker for iOS, the officially supported Pivotal Tracker app for the iPhone, iPad, and the iPod Touch!

You may find Pivotal Tracker for iOS to be familiar - it's based on the popular TrackerBot, which Pivotal Labs recently acquired from Vulpine Labs LLC.

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iPad 2 As A Remote Presence Device?

Since last summer I have been one of our few "remote Pivots" after I moved from San Francisco, CA to Atlanta, GA. Pivotal and I agreed that I'd try working remotely, remote-pair programming full time with fellow developers in our San Francisco and NYC offices. Overall it's worked out wonderfully for me, my teams, and clients. I use the same technologies that fellow remote-Pivot Chad Woolley recommended in 2008 -- a VPN connection, Mac's Screen and Skype video chat, but we're always looking for ways to more seamlessly integrate our remote developers into their teams.

With that in mind I became very excited when the iPad 2 was released, with its front-facing camera and FaceTime app. How perfect! For the last month our team has experimented using an iPad as a "remote presence" device for me.

How did it work out? Keep reading to find out!

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TrackerBot: Pivotal Tracker on your iPad/iPhone

TrackerBot, from Vulpine Labs, is a great new app that brings Pivotal Tracker to your iPad and/or iPhone, complete with multi-touch, drag and drop, and off-line support. It's available now in the app store.

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Standup 1/20/2011: Admin flag with Devise?

Ask for Help

"Any suggestions for analytics on iPad events?"

Questions like, how many times has this video been played or how many times has this object been tapped.

One suggestion was to hit a web server somewhere with some details and use splunk to analyze it.

"Any experience using a flag to indicate an administrator in Devise?"

Some indicated that this is difficult to do with Devise, and recommended against it. Someone else pointed out that the Device site actually includes this as an example.

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