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Standup 2011.04.14 – Bustin' Caches, Pow, and Trajectory


Busting JS Caches Better

How do I bust Javascript caches better? Changing the url params doesn't always work?

The most consistent way to bust Javascript caches is to change the path to it. Sometimes transparent proxies and some browsers won't be busted otherwise.

Busting Chrome JS Cache when running Jasmine Fixtures

Chrome is cache Jasmine fixtures and Firefox is just too slow.

No great solution. Chrome typically runs tests so fast that just mashing the refresh until your test output changes seems to work for some.



Trajectory is a new product out by Thoughtbot which has been described as a cross between Tracker and Basecamp.


37Signals has come out with a native Mac app called POW. Here's a snippet from the Readme:

Pow is a zero-configuration Rack server for Mac OS X. It makes developing Rails and Rack applications as frictionless as possible. You can install it in ten seconds and have your first app up and running in under a minute. No mucking around with /etc/hosts, no compiling Apache modules, no editing configuration files or installing preference panes. And running multiple apps with multiple versions of Ruby is trivial.

A fellow Pivot also mentioned that it makes running multiple apps on the same port, and having sub-domains easier.

Firefox cacheing

There is an option in Firefox to remember the last opened tabs so when you return to your browser, it will restore your last viewed websites.

This has the unfortunate side-effect of not deleting cookies despite the opposing setting for deleting all cookies upon session exit.

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Standup 2/17/2010: A New Jasmine Release

Interesting Things

There is a new release of Jasmine, the Javascript testing framework written by several people here at Pivotal Labs, due to a bug found in CI related to implementing Rack.

For those uninitiated to Javascript BDD testing, here is a quick example.

it('should be a test', function () {
  var foo = 0


Be sure to check out Jasmine at Github.

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