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How to Continuously Deploy Code with CloudBees Jenkins for Pivotal CF

Pivotal CF customers can now download and install Jenkins Enterprise by Cloudbees with Pivotal Ops Manager, providing easy configuration with a fully integrated user experience. Last month, we launched a partnership with CloudBees, the company behind the popular open source Jenkins Continuous Integration tool chain. Available today, Jenkins Enterprise can now be downloaded and installed with Pivotal Ops Manager, making for an easy, fully integrated developer experience. This post provides background and walks through the steps to get things running.

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CloudBees Enterprise Jenkins for Pivotal CF

Today we’re announcing our partnership with CloudBees, the company behind Jenkins, to offer Pivotal customers access to the leading continuous integration and delivery software for enterprises. The CloudBees Enterprise Jenkins (CBJE) software will be delivered as an add-on service for Pivotal CF. Our customers will be able to download CBJE directly from Pivotal Network to install and configure Jenkins using Pivotal CF Operations Manager.

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iOS CI with Jenkins

Co-Authored by Alex Kramer.

It often happens that you join a project once it has been going for a few weeks and miss out on all the fun things at the beginning. Thus, we find ourselves having never set up …

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What happened to stdout on CI?

We were struggling for a bit yesterday trying to figure out why the few puts statements in our tests weren’t being displayed in Jenkins’ console output.

It turns out the ci_reporter gem that we were using (so that Jenkins could …

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Standup 1/9/2012


CCMenu + Hudson w/o Basic Auth

"Has anyone figured out how to use CCMenu with Hudson and not have Basic Auth?"

Hudson has its own authorization mechanism, unlike Basic Auth, so it can't be used with nice desktop tools like CCMenu which shows the red/green square in your system tray.

Consider using Jenkins.

Using Symlinks with Dropbox

Using the Linux Dropbox client seems to allow symlinks to be uploaded, but they will not behave as expect anywhere else. Someone was trying to have a "latest" folder point to the latest versioned folder.

The recommendation was just to have two copies of the files as a workaround.


Rails Bridge Outreach for Women Workshop has space

Looking to learn Rails? There's a great meetup to get you up and running. As of this writing there is still space available. Come check the event out.

Yammer Javascript Meetup on Tuesday

Yammer will be hosting a Javascript meetup, expect the usual snacks and beer, and good talks about our favorite client-side language.

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Is your XML foo savvy?


  • "How do you change the address and port that Solr is running on?"

Somewhere in the server.xml file was suggested, however that didn't seem to work. The workaround was using IP Tables.


  • as_json (with options) seems to always be called with an explicit nil argument from to_json under Rails 3. Some people just use as_json explicitly, or pass an explicit empty hash as the arg to get around this oddity.

  • Jenkins now supports Ruby plugins.

  • Support Movember! Pivotal has raised quite a bit of money and you can too.

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Standup 5/27/2011 Hack For Change, Guiderails goes public, Jenkins & Jasmine jems


*Is there a way to change the URL that CCRB pulls from when it builds?

"Use Jenkins" (we will be standardizing on Jenkins in the near future anyway)

Apparently the answer has been found successfully in the past by grepping through the Ruby portion of the CCRB source.


  • Hack For Change, sponsored by is inviting engineers and designers to spend 24 hours to build a web or mobile app that can help advance positive change. Top-rated hacks will be awarded a total of $10,000 to ensure their continued success and will gain recognition through widespread media coverage and promotion.

  • Guiderails: Pivotal's Rails 3 Templates, has been made publicly available on GitHub.

  • While there is not consensus on how hash tags in URLs that are being redirected should be handled, Safari stands apart from most other modern browsers by throwing them away entirely.

  • When configuring a new project for Jenkins, remember to specify the branch to build, otherwise Jenkins will try to pull and build all branches from the repo.

  • Jasmine has a bug in its "runs and waits for" construct that causes it to ignore changes to the defaults for the timer and message on the "waits for" block.

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