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Pivotal and Eric Ries: Partners for Enterprise Transformation

Large companies such as GE and Intuit have used Eric Ries' "The Lean Startup" to help their organizations build more innovative working cultures. With his next book, "The Leader's Guide," offered exclusively via a Kickstarter campaign, Eric provides new insights on implementing and making the most of his methods. Pivotal is aligned with Eric on corporate transformation—allowing companies to emerge as modern, successful software organizations. As explained in this post, Eric’s vision and Pivotal’s proven software development products and services will help lead the industry towards a dramatically more effective and innovative future, helping companies compete more effectively with the most innovative and disruptive of start-ups.

Find Us at Lean Startup Conference, Learn Lean 101, and Get Comfortable Shipping Imperfect Products

Companies large and small are looking to innovate for growth, and the Lean Start Up Conference is an epicenter for sharing the knowledge and experience of getting new products to market. In this post, presenter and Pivotal Product Manager, Lauren Gilchrist, shares the lessons learned on her talk about the fear of shipping imperfect products and outlines the other places you can find us, including our all-day workshop.

Our Agile Team Grows Stronger

The Luxr Team Joins Pivotal Labs

Pivotal Labs has a mission to change the way the world builds software, and I’m pleased to announce that Luxr’s team of Lean Startup specialists is joining Pivotal to become an important part of making that goal a reality.

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Success Metrics for Lean Startups and New Products

So, you’ve launched your MVP… congratulations! That’s a huge achievement, but don’t kid yourself – your v1 product is almost certainly not ready to scale into a real business. MVPs are, by definition, the minimal feature set you need to start learning with real users, and the speed at which you’re able to learn and act on those learnings will mean all the difference between success and failure.

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Pivots Talking Tuesday: Startup Architecture

Welcome to the first of many Pivots Talking Tuesday blog posts! On a biweekly basis, we will be posting videos of Pivots speaking at conferences, user groups, and other awesome places. So if you didn’t get a chance to see us live, check back here once a week and get the lowdown on what we’re talking about.

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Define your product with this simple exercise

Whether you’re a lean startup or a mature business, having a clearly articulated product vision, which includes your target customer, problem / solution, and why you’re different, is key to success.

Here’s a framework I often use when working with clients to develop a product vision.

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The Last Lean Startup Bundle by Eric Ries – with Pivotal Tracker!

If you're involved in a startup, you've probably already discovered the transformative Lean Startup movement. The Lean Startup book, by Eric Ries, is coming out in less than a few week, and Eric is running a final pre-release promotion for it - The Last Lean Startup Bundle. The bundle offers various prizes and extras - for things that every startup needs, such as credits for Amazon Web Services, KISSmetrics, Sauce Labs, and of course Pivotal Tracker.

The more books you buy, the more you get - and there are some really amazing prizes such as autographed books, video content, conference passes, and even a one of one session or team dinner with Eric himself.

Pre-ordering one copy of the book includes the Tracker Startup S plan for one year (worth $70). Buy more than one (for your whole team, for example), and you get the Startup L plan for one year, worth $180. These promo codes can be used by new or existing users, but apply to new paid subscriptions only.

Check out all the details in Eric's blog post. And do it fast, since the promotion runs for 2 days only, and the bundles are limited.