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Pivotal Conversations—The Story of Project Sputnik at Dell, with Barton George

Our customers are always tasked with one of the most difficult jobs in a company: being a change agent. In the quest to become software defined businesses, much change is usually required not only in IT, but on the business side. Barton George has been such a change agent for several years now at Dell with Project Sputnik, a developer-centric, Linux laptop. We discuss the history of Sputnik (which is not a full, shipping project in it’s fourth generation) and specific tactics he used along the way, including how he kept his spirits up.

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Launching Rockets—Collaborating on Next Level Linux Containers

Pivotal supports the open container specification efforts championed by CoreOS. As the interest and enthusiasm for Linux containers is growing, Pivotal calls on the industry to create open standard containers that everyone can utilize with common expectations and guarantees. We ask that the larger community review the App Container specification and get involved.

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Cloud Foundry's Container Technology: A Garden Overview

In this post, Pivotal Cloud Foundry expert, Glyn Normington, explains how Cloud Foundry's container technology works. Named Garden, the application includes a generally platform agnositc front end and a platform-specific backend. The Linux backend relies on standard Linux containers and operating system features such as namespaces, control groups, and various resource control and networking facilities to isolate containers from each other and limit their impact on the host virtual machine. Garden is designed to create containers and provide telemetry, managing the container life cycle.

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I'll come running back to GNU

I’d finally had enough of waiting for my MacBook Pro’s hard drive platter to spin up and grind away, so I ordered a new Solid State Drive. When it arrived, I was faced with the potentially drawn-out process of setting …

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