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Mid-ish Movember

We're about 2/3 of the way through Movember. How are we doing?

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Getting Involved with Movember

How do you jump on the Movember 'stache wagon?

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Why can't it be Moly or Mogust?

It’s Movember, the month formerly known as November. I decided to join the Movember cause this year by shaving my beard off and growing a mustache. I've had a beard for a good 5+ years, so it's rather cold in the morning waiting for the bus.

You can help make my sacrifice more worth while by donating funds to combat cancers affecting men. Please support my efforts by making a donation at

Even $5 helps a ton!

Quite a few Pivots are participating this year. We're part of the Webstache network:

Pivotal SF
Pivotal NY
Pivotal Boulder

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Standup 2010-11-15: Post-RubyConf edition

Interesting Things

  • Current total: $2,109 toward our $10,000 goal. The SF office is ahead on donations per moustache, but not by much. Pivotal Labs Movember Mospace

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Movember Is Upon Us!

Movember is here, and the walls of Pivotal ring with the triumphant cheer of sprouting follicles! To fight testicular and prostate cancer, many of us Pivots are joining the worldwide mustache-fest, growing facial hair exclusively on our upper lips for the entire month.

There are pictures of the growth so far on my Movember Page, where you can also go to donate to the cause.

This year I will again be auctioning off the color of my mustache. If you donate more than most, you get to pick what color my mustache will be! There are three phases, so lots of chances to win. Purple and green were an awesome combo last year, can you come up with something more ridiculous and embarrassing for me to wear?

The two highest donors before 11:59 p.m. Monday, November 15th get to pick the colors I will wear all day from November 17th through the 23rd, one color for each half of my 'stache. The two highest donors between November 16th and 11:59 p.m. on Monday the 22nd get to pick the colors I will wear from November 24th to the 30th.

The two highest donors in the final week of Movember, those donating the most between Tuesday the 23rd and the 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday the 30th get to pick the colors I will wear in my mustache for the first TWO weeks of December. That's right, I'll keep the lip caterpillar for two weeks longer, and I'll wear your team colors while I do it.

The bidding starts at $3, because Parker's already donated $2. Can you beat it? Will you make me wear a pink and orange mustache? Will you take mercy on my wife and pick blond and brown? Do I hear turquoise and fuchsia? If hair dye (or Kool-Aid) exists in that color, I will wear it.

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Color My Mustache Update: Double Down and Split

Please see my previous post regarding Movember for context.

Pivotal Labs CEO Rob Mee has announced that he will match the highest qualifying donation for coloring my mustache. In return, he gets to pick the color of half the 'stache.

The largest donation to me or to the Pivots-West team before midnight tonight (PST) earns the right to color HALF of my mustache. Rob will match that donation for the right to color the other half. Don't fret, he's been researching clashing color schemes.

You will still receive a whole autographed photo of your very own, and now your very welcome donation to men's health will be twice as large!

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Color My Mustache!

Movember is in full swing and Pivotal teams have already raised over $2K for dude cancer research! To push that number higher, hopefully much higher, I am auctioning off the color of my mustache. Take a look at this fuzzy lip warmer and consider it in pink or green or blue. Which would you choose?

Well, the individual with the highest new contribution to me or to the Pivots-West team between now and 11:59 p.m. PST on Wednesday, November 17th, gets to name the color. I will color my 'stache by 9 a.m. Friday morning, November 20th, and I will wear it thusly colored for the rest of the month. In addition picking my exact hue-miliation, you will also receive an authentic autographed photo of me and my mustache, sporting your color of choice.

Thanks to everyone who has already donated and to all those yet to donate, please consider even $10 for this worthy cause. To date, Movember has raised $47 million globally, making it the world’s largest charity event for men.

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