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Conquering the $216 Billion Cancer Problem in 8 Hours with Spring, Redis, Neo4J, and More

Cancer takes millions of lives and costs billions of dollars. One of the big problems is the expense and waste in pharmaceutical R&D efforts. Redbasin Networks has begun to attack this problem from a software and big data perspective, achieving success through an agile or fast-failure mindset. While they face significant challenges managing heterogeneous and expensive big data sets about cancer, they have been able to capture insight from automated algorithms—doing analysis in 8 hours instead of man months of largely manual effort. At last year’s SpringOne 2GX, they shared their company background, the challenges with cancer data, a working data model, and how the Redbasin analytics platform uses Spring, Redis, Neo4J, MongoDB, and more.

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Standup 3/31/2010: Ruby Summer Of Code, Neo4j

Ask for Help

"Our demo site is running on nginx and protected by basic auth. Flash doesn't do basic auth. What do do?"

"Any suggestions for using ActiveResource to access nested resources?" One team was trying to use ActiveResource to access a nested restful web service and found the documentation lacking.

Interesting Things

  • RSOC (Ruby Summer of Code) is looking for mentors. Pivotal is a sponsor and in addition will be providing desk space for some RSOC participants.
  • Neo4j meetup at Twitter HQ tonight! Details on the neo4j blog

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