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Setting up a FreeBSD Server on Hetzner, Part 5: PHP, SSI, SSL, Redirects

In this blog post we describe the procedure to configure nginx on a FreeBSD VM to use PHP, SSI (Server Side Includes), SSL, and redirects.

We will configure the following server blocks: (SSL) (301 permanent redirect to…

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Setting up a FreeBSD Server on Hetzner, Part 4: nginx

In this blog post we describe the procedure to install nginx on a FreeBSD VM.

Install nginx

Let’s ssh into the machine and install nginx:

ssh -A sudo pkg_add -r nginx

Like homebrew, FreeBSD typically installs optional applications under …

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Standup 2010-11-17

Interesting Things

  • nginx may write temporary files to local disk, especially for large files (>64K). You should make sure that proxy_temp_path is writable. You can also control the size when this happens by adjusting proxy_temp_file_write_size. The more interesting thing is that if the directory is not writable, you won't see an error message in the logs, but strace is still your friend.


"Should I include Gemfile.lock in a repository for a gem?"

  • Yes, but don't include it in the gemspec, that way it won't be distributed with the gem.
  • Bundler doesn't look at lock files in dependent gems anyway.
  • It makes less sense for a gem since you wouldn't want to lock down the environment for all of your gem's users.

"What library should I use for GUIDs?"

  • uuidtools
  • universally unique identifiers may have trouble in other universes, please use caution when crossing these boundaries ;-)

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Standup 3/31/2010: Ruby Summer Of Code, Neo4j

Ask for Help

"Our demo site is running on nginx and protected by basic auth. Flash doesn't do basic auth. What do do?"

"Any suggestions for using ActiveResource to access nested resources?" One team was trying to use ActiveResource to access a nested restful web service and found the documentation lacking.

Interesting Things

  • RSOC (Ruby Summer of Code) is looking for mentors. Pivotal is a sponsor and in addition will be providing desk space for some RSOC participants.
  • Neo4j meetup at Twitter HQ tonight! Details on the neo4j blog

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