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Pivotal People—Josh Long, Spring Developer Advocate

What makes Pivotal great ? The people who are building the company. This week, we have a question and answer session with Josh Long, Spring Developer Advocate. Learn more about his engagement with the Spring Community and his views on how Spring works with Cloud Foundry, Pivotal One, big data, and real-time solutions as well as open source projects like RabbitMQ and Redis.

Testing strategies with RSpec, NullDB and Nosql

Recently I had posted about a few testing strategies that can be applied with RSpec. One of the patterns I mentioned was using something like NullDB to ensure your unit tests were not hitting the database. I had a few conversations about what I’d written, notably from my colleague Ian Lesperance.

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More than 2,000 Developers Attend Cloud Foundry China Open Tour

The first two stops of Cloud Foundry Open Tour at Beijing and Shanghai were huge successes! We had about 1000+ developers show up at each city for this one day event. 10 speakers from across the world delivered 15 high quality and deeply technical sessions to attendees.

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How OpenCredo Launched Three New Products in Seven Months with Cloud Foundry

From the beginning, Cloud Foundry has been about simplifying the development, deployment and operation of cloud applications.  In this second post in a series of guest blogs by application developers, we bring the story of OpenCredo and how Cloud Foundry helped to launch three new products for a major insurance company in just seven months instead of what would typically take years.

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