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Tech Talk: Flask

Flask is a lightweight Python framework for building web applications. Advantages of Flask include an extensible architecture, database agnosticism, and great community documentation. In this video, Zac Witte, CTO at Handup, gives a brief introduction to Flask. The talk touches upon the features that you’ll need in order to get a Flask app up and running quickly.

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Data Science How To: Massively Parallel, In-Database Image Processing: Part 2

This post, part 2, is a continuation of part 1 where Image Processing Expert and Pivotal Senior Data Scientist, Ailey Crow, gives a short introduction on how data science is applied towards better, faster image processing. This approach can have a huge effect on a number of industries ranging from neurobiology and cancer detection to cognitive vision and control robotics. For part 2, we cover steps three through six: 1) image loading, 2) filtering (smoothing), 3) thresholding, 4) cleanup via morphological operations, 5) object recognition using connected components, and 6) counting.

Jasmine For Python – A Whole New World

Although many think of Pivotal Labs as a Rails consulting firm, our broadening client base regularly comes to us with different technical stacks. Among these, Python and Django lead the pack.

When Pivotal Labs begins work into any new environment, we need a base level of tooling to be as fast as Pivots and clients expect us to be.

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A Rough Guide to Data Science

If Big Data was last year's buzzword, Data Science may reach the same level of hype this year. There's no shortage of discussion about the high demand for data scientists, the term's usefulness as a designation, and even declarations of its "sexiness" as a career. And as with many terms that reach a critical mass on social media, data science is a concept more widely discussed than understood. What is data science? What differentiates the practice to justify this new term? And how does someone become a data scientist?

Python web testing for the Ruby programmer

Ruby has a couple of well-known libraries for unit testing, mocking and stubbing HTTP interactions. My typical toolset includes RSpec, WebMock and VCR. I had the chance to work on a Python project recently and did some investigation into similar libraries for Python.

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Agile Python & JsUnit

Looks like JsUnit gets a few pages devoted to it (about a dozen, actually) in the new book "Foundations of Agile Python Development":

Thanks to Dave Smith for the pointer.