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Episode 035

This week, we talk with Jared Ruckle about the new Pivotal Cloud Foundry 1.8 release, delving into security, databases, and new services—all aimed at speeding up time to market (with faster software release cycles) and, yet, still being a general purpose application platform that organizations can use to run all their customer software. Also covered: the recent data breach at Yahoo!, Windows Server 2016 and Docker support, Azure's ever growing geographic foot-print, and the rumored Twitter acquisition.

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Meet Pivotal Cloud Foundry 1.8—Because Time to Value Is Contagious

The new Pivotal Cloud Foundry 1.8 release delivers more power and flexibility to improve the critical measure of time to value when delivering software. The release adds TCP routing to support non-HTTP/S workloads - now more legacy systems, IoT services, and containerized apps can be run on Pivotal Cloud Foundry. It also introduces service networks for operations teams, improved security features, and log-integrated metrics & monitoring.

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Immutable Infrastructure, Windows, and BOSH

System administrators are rethinking their approach to manage large scale infrastructure. Previously, they spent an enormous amount of energy working to incrementally update machines and software. Many vendors have rallied around an idea that promises to transform the nature of infrastructure management—immutable infrastructure. To support this ideal, Pivotal created BOSH: an open source tool for release engineering, deployment, lifecycle management, and monitoring of distributed systems. BOSH has long helped Linux sysadmins achieve infrastructure immutability—and Windows administrators will soon be able to leverage BOSH to automate infrastructure management at scale.

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Encrypting Data-at-Rest and in-Motion for Pivotal Greenplum & Zettaset

Pivotal has partnered with Zettaset to provide encryption of data-at-rest (DAR) and data-in-motion (DIM) for Pivotal Greenplum. Zettaset BDEncrypt is a partition-level encryption solution which is ideal for bulk encryption of stored data. In this post, we explain how Zettaset BDEncrypt is integrated with Pivotal Greenplum DB to help achieve corporate and regulatory data protection requirements, including HIPAA, HITECH, and PCI.

Read More’s Revolutionary Approach To Achieve Continuous Compliance

In this post, two members of 18F, the team behind, explain how they apply cloud native development principles to disrupt the calcified process of compliance in government. Specifically, they discuss how continuous delivery streamlines the process of compliance, including documentation and security for U.S. federal government agencies. Their talk, given at the recent CF Summit, explains how they built on Cloud Foundry and AWS, what major compliance bottlenecks have existed in the deployment process, and where they are breaking through the problems with new ways of thinking, which they call “continuous compliance.”

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Dealing With Legacy, Cloud Native & Otherwise

This week, hosts Richard Seroter and Cote talk about dealing with legacy systems, or as they put it: the software in production that you're sort of afraid to change. They cover many of the driving fears around this type of code, plus discuss some basics of re-platforming legacy applications to Pivotal Cloud Foundry, and importantly, how to avoid getting trapped by legacy in the future. In addition, the pair covers recent news in the cloud native world from security, to AWS outages and how to think about uptime in the public cloud, a round-up of studies that shows small teams are better than large teams, and some interesting anecdotes from the UK GDS.

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Pivotal Cloud Foundry 1.7 Released

This post covers the technical highlights from the newly released Pivotal Cloud Foundry 1.7 where application developers now have more tools for rapid feedback with the launch of native application metrics and a local development environment. Pivotal Cloud Foundry 1.7 also marks the addition of private service brokers, route services as a new class of marketplace service, and context-path based routing for simpler application upgrades and refactoring.

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Cloud Foundry Summit 2016 In Review

The biggest multi-cloud event in North America kicked off with a bang last week in Santa Clara, drawing nearly 1,500 attendees and insightful talks from the Cloud Foundry userbase and ecosystem. Here are some of our highlights from the third annual Cloud Foundry Summit.

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Encrypting Data-at-Rest In Pivotal Greenplum With Protegrity

Data breaches and regulatory concerns have increased the need for companies to protect sensitive data, and this applies to big data as well. For large data warehouses and data science platforms, like Pivotal Greenplum, the same security concerns apply. In this post, Pivotal Greenplum experts Scott Kahler and Ian Redzic explain how Protegrity’s encryption works in the context of Pivotal Greenplum.

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How Pivotal Web Services Just Improved The Security Of Your Platform

How up-to-date are your application environments? When's the last time you updated the operating system or loaded the latest Java runtime? If your team is like most, the answer is "not often enough." The Pivotal Web Services (PWS) team has come up with a new, built-in service for PWS users that uses Concourse continuous integration pipelining and buildpacks to automatically update known environments as quickly as the patches are made available, helping to curtail vulnerability for security breaches in your apps.

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