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Complicating SimpleBDD

With the help of Robbie Clutton’s SimpleBDD gem, my pair and I had structured our client’s tests into Cucumber-style Given/When/Then tests that our client product manager could read and understand. However, we felt that our improved high-level structure came at the expense of repetitive low-level methods.

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ElementalJS and SimpleBDD open source updates

Thanks to the benefits of Open Source software and working with great people, I’m pleased to announce some updates to both ElementalJS and to SimpleBDD.


Thanks to Ian Zabel who made a performance improvement to ElementalJS after fighting a large DOM in Internet Explorer.

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Thoughts on Simple BDD

A small number of projects here in New York have adopted my extremely simple behaviour driven development library, SimpleBDD, and I thought I’d share some of the emerging patterns those teams have developed while using it.

SimpleBDD, is a way of using a Gherkin like specification language and turning into a method call with Ruby.

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