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Silicon Valley Mindset Shines In Boulder, Colorado

In 1891, a startup idea was born. The Quadricycle. It consisted of two bikes, lined up side by side, and powered by a gasoline engine. For over a decade, the founder of the Quadricycle iterated on it’s design, tirelessly committed to the idea that, one day, he would bring this “horseless carriage” to the masses. This kind of startup mentality still exists today in big companies such as Ford, who recently invested in Pivotal to help bring many of the Silicon Valley principles to the auto giant. The success of the recent Boulder Startup Week also underscores how pervasive this hunger to be able to deliver exceptional customer experiences at the speed that Silicon Valley giants move.

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Is there something funny about your Standup?


Software development teams that aim to be more “Agile” often pick and choose the pieces of an agile methodology that suit them.  For some reason standup is usually picked first, way before addressing their waterfall ways.  I guess it’s …

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A Responsible Recipe for the Fewest Possible Meetings

Meetings are crucial to healthy team communication. But they’re also opportunities for waste, occasionally dull, and always expensive. Every team is different, but continuing the theme of “Convention over configuration for process”, I’ve found the following structure keeps meetings to …

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Massive Problems may Affect YOU!

Interestings Massive DDoS might affect Internet speed…

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[standup] [sf] 03/27/13: Metro DC

Helps Sinatra Logger

We have a Sinatra app mounted on Rails. If we raise an error in the Sinatra app, it doesn’t show anywhere. Can we attach the Rails logger somehow?

Interestings Code Climate Blog: Rails Insecure Defaults


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[Standup][SF] Upgrade your Rubies

Interestings Ruby 1.8.7 end of life – No security fixes after June

More here:…

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[standup] [sf] 03/25/13: Zvezdochka

Interestings .ruby-version (& .ruby-gemset)

The community appears to be converging on .ruby-version as a standard way to convey a project’s Ruby version. This as opposed to .rvmrc or .rbenv

If you use RVM you can also use .ruby-gemset to specify …

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06/07/12: It's quiet when Heroku is down


  • Support D3 on IE (

Someone suggests using Google Frame.


  • perseverate


Verb: Repeat or prolong an action, thought, or utterance after the stimulus that prompted it has ceased.

  • Lo-Dash: Drop-in Underscore.js replacement

"Underscore.js + performance improvements, bug fixes, and additional features."

  • Font-Awesome: Like Bootstrap's icons but better

  • Icon parity with Bootstrap 2.0.3

  • Many other icons
  • Compatible with, but does not require Bootstrap
  • Free for commercial use (CC BY 3.0)

  • Long environment variables are BAD on Heroku

Just don't use it, the application won't start. And also make sure you have quotes surrounding strings with equal signs in between.

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[Standup] [Boulder] heroku and the crickets


  • anybody seen old content showing up on heroku at various points in time (especially at night)?
    • crickets ...


  • rake execute takes a hash, rake invoke takes an ordered list
  • is a cool tool for interactive screen sharing
  • don't use anonymous iframes for ajax file upload, use a class or id,
    • we saw weird issues with a chat provider who uses an anonymous iframe which was getting all our file upload info

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[Standup] [Boulder] Make your own carousel

if you need to display complicated html in a javascript driven carousel, write your own,

jquery plugins tend to mess with your markup and force it into a specific layout which can break your behaviour

acceptance vs. non acceptance rspec

When running regular rspec tests and acceptance test combined slow build time were observed, breaking them out into different builds resulted in a 25% speed up (combined 21 min, only rspec 5min, acceptance 10min)

  • possible help: leave transactional_fixtures as true for acceptance supported by forcing one db connection as described here:
  • reopening the rspec config block in the acceptance helper can have unintended side effects, if you are running units specs and acceptance specs together

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